The Recovery of Ausome: Grafting

We just met with Austin’s surgeon and surgery went well. He has bio-mesh and homografts on his front torso, his thighs, and homografts on his rump. The surgeon also said the autograft on his back has taken and is growing new skin - albeit slowly. His body is still trying to figure out what to heal first … Continue reading The Recovery of Ausome: Grafting


The Recovery of Ausome: The Gift

We are so super stoked!  We have a present to share with all of our donors and followers!But...No peaking until Christmas. Okay, maybe Christmas Eve night. Stay tuned!

The Recovery of Ausome: The Latest

It’s been a while since the last update, and there is a reason for the delay - progress has slowed to a crawl. We have gone from a series of rapid succession surgeries to not being able to advance from one graft to the next for 4-6 weeks between surgeries. This is good as it means … Continue reading The Recovery of Ausome: The Latest

The Recovery of Ausome: What Does It Mean?

Austin has been extubated again today! We arrived to see him getting a breathing treatment, and the staff encouraging him to swallow some of his salivae. This is good since it can permit him to get up and move around a bit. This helps keep the risk of pneumonia lower. Which means his body can … Continue reading The Recovery of Ausome: What Does It Mean?

The Recovery of Ausome: Visitors

All in Due Time Okay, Brigadier General Buzzkill here, it's time to convey some guidance regarding visitation of Ausome now that he had been extubated once, and they are periodically lowering his sedation level. We have to ask that folks refrain from dropping by for a visit.  First, there is security information which should be … Continue reading The Recovery of Ausome: Visitors

The Recovery of Ausome: Extra! Extra!

Extubated!  Extubated!The hospital called tonight to tell us they have extubated Austin!  And, Austin is definitely feeling better. When asked if he felt any pain from the intubation, he said “No”. He then proceeding to say he was just glad to have that (f-bomb)ing tube out. LOLThat’s our guy!